EXECAL Committee

Currently, the Committee comprises the six following members:

Catherine Othenin-Girard.jpg Catherine Othenin-Girard

An art historian and consultant, Catherine is curator of the Art Collection of the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV) and a consultant for the Art Commission of Vaudoise Assurance, Banque Piguet Galland and the Salon artgenève via the curatorial programme artgenève musique. She is also active in the Leenaards Foundation (member of the Foundation Council and President of the Cultural Commission and the Jury for Prizes and Scholarships) and the Manganel Foundation (ECAL). EXECAL President since 2012.

Yoo-Mi Steffen

After a long career at the Olympic Museum/ICO, Yoo-Mi took over responsibility for the ECAL Library in 2007. In addition to her duties as librarian, she has managed the EXECAL Association since January 2018.

Atakurt Selim.jpeg Selim Atakurt

A journalist by profession, Selim has worked as Communications Officer at ECAL since 2004. He has been secretary of EXECAL for many years and became Treasurer in 2018.

alexis.georgacopoulos.jpg Alexis Georgacopoulos
Member (Alumnus)

Alexis has been the Director of ECAL since July 2011 and was awarded a Diploma in Industrial Design by the school in 1999. He then took the helm of the Department of Industrial Design serving between September 2000 and December 2008 while continuing to work as an independent designer and enjoying a professional posting of six months in Hong Kong. Member of the EXECAL Committee since 2011.

pauline.saglio.jpg Pauline Saglio
Member (Alumna)

After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Media & Interaction Design in 2013, Pauline has worked as an independent designer in partnership with Mathieu Rivier, also a graduate of the Department. At the same time, she worked as Visual Communication assistant at ECAL between 2013 and 2015 and then as Senior Artistic Collaborator between 2015 and 2018 and finally became Head of the Media & Interaction Design Department in 2018. Member of the EXECAL Committee since 2014.

PruneSimonVermot.jpg Prune Simon-Vermot
Member (Alumna)

Prune is a photographer at the Ethnographic Museum in Neuchâtel, and visits ECAL one day a week as course director for ECG (General Culture School) students in Multimedia Communication. She was awarded her Master’s in Art Direction by ECAL in 2013 and worked at our institution for two years as an assistant. Member of the EXECAL Committee since 2014.
General assembly

The General Assembly is held normally each year in November, during the ECAL Graduate exhibition. This allows our alumni to kill two birds with one stone – they can attend the General Assembly and also discover work by recent graduates.

The General Assembly usually lasts for at least one hour and is followed by an aperitif. Only EXECAL members* may attend. Invitations are sent by email.

* EXECAL members: all graduates (Alumni) automatically become EXECAL members + Friends.

The next General Assembly will take place on:

Wednesday 30 November 2022, at 6.30 pm

at ECAL (Renens)

Nussbaumer Auditorium (ground floor)


  • President’s report
  • Treasurer's report 
  • ETD (ECAL Talent Days) and EXECAL synergies 
  • New continuing training "Creative Leadership"
  • Membership of the Committee 
  • Other 

Aperitif dinner.

Please register: alumni@ecal.ch until Friday 25 November 2022

Articles of association

Articles of Association adopted by the constituent General Assembly of 20 January 1997:

EXECAL Articles of Association 1997