FRIENDS benefits
  • Are you an individual who enjoys following ECAL events? 
  • Are you an institution or company interested in ECAL activities?
  • Are you a partner of ECAL and want to keep in touch?
  • Are you a current or former ECAL staff member (including trainee)? 
  • Are you a former ECAL non-graduate or exchange student? 

You have every reason to belong to EXECAL and we will be both happy honoured to have you amongst our members. You can choose between the different membership categories detailed below.

The benefits received for your membership fees are valid for one year, upon receipt of payment. You can change category when you renew your membership: Login > My profile > Membership categories > Edit > choose the category.

Photo : ECAL/Nicolas Genta
Membership categories - Friends

Services open to all on request (without having to join EXECAL)

  • ECAL newsletters via email 
  • Invitation cards to events 
  • Online access to PDF Yearbooks

Bronze: CHF 50.- per year

In addition to benefits available to all:

  • Access to the Library and Materials Library (advance booking required) 
  • Invitation to the ECAL Book Club and Cinécal
  • Invitation to EXECAL Meetings 

Silver: CHF 150.- per year

In addition to Bronze category benefits:

  • Online access to Small Ads (with the opportunity to publish your own advertisements) 
  • EXECAL Campus smartphone application (available in 2020)
  • 20% reduction on ECAL publications at certain events 
  • Guided tours: graduate exhibition + certain exhibitions at the elac Gallery 

Gold: CHF 300.- per year

In addition to Silver category benefits:

  • 1 hard copy of a current year's publication
  • Various reductions on works published by ECAL 
  • ECAL Xmas Market: invitation for 2 people to the Christmas fondue 

Platinum: CHF 1,000.- (life membership)

Payment of a single individual subscription.

Gold category benefits.

See also our PDF brochure.

Other benefits and support

Annual membership fees paid by EXECAL members also help support the Association’s activities and events:

  • Production of the ECAL Yearbook (graduate directory) 
  • ECAL Book Club, ECAL Ciné Club, EXECAL Meetings 
  • EXECAL prize of CHF 1,000 – awarded to two graduate students, (Bachelor’s and Master’s, for excellent final dissertations
  • Various residencies offered to Alumni: Hong Kong Design Institute, SOMA Summer in Mexico, La Becque | Artists’ Residency (La Tour-de-Peilz). 

For further details, see ACTIVITIES

Follow ECAL's activities in Switzerland and abroad at regular (L'ECAL au Capitole, Paris Photo, Milan Design Week, etc.) and one-off public events. 

 See the programme at

Public lectures at ECAL

Throughout the academic year, ECAL is happy to host leading speakers (Tom Dixon, Nathalie Du Pasquier, April Greiman, Peter Saville, etc.) at its workshops which are also open to the greater public. 

 See the programme at