This artists’ residency in Mexico City is awarded to selected Visual Arts Students. One is selected from recent graduates and the other is a current student.

SOMA is a non-profit organization conceived to nurture discussion and exchange in the field of contemporary art and education in Mexico City.

Photo : SOMA Mexico
2022 residents

Awarded to 2 Fine Arts students, selected for a 1-month artist residency in Mexico, at the Hacienda Santa María Xalostoc, near Tlaxco village in Tlaxcala state (2h30 drive from Mexico City)

Presented by Stéphanie Moisdon, head of Master Fine Arts:

  • Valentina Parati MA-AV 2nd year (graduate)
  • Juri Bizzotto MA-AV 1st year

ECAL/Santiago Martinez
2019 residents

Residency awarded to:

  • Mandine Knöpfel (CH-FR) MA-AV 2nd year (graduate)
  • Byron Andrade (IT-EQ) MA-AV 1st year

Photo : ECAL/Calypso Mahieu
2018 residents

Residency awarded to:

  • Lorenza Longhi (IT) MA-AV 2nd year (graduate)
  • Marco Rigoni (IT) MA-AV 1st year

Photo : ECAL/Calypso Mahieu
2017 residents

Residency awarded to:

  • Virginia Ariu (IT) MA-AV (graduate)
  • Shirin Yousefi (Iran) MA-AV (graduate)

Photo : ECAL/Younès Klouche
2016 residents

Residency awarded to:

  • Catarina Bota Leal (PT) MA-AV 1st year
  • Vinzenz Meyner (CH) MA-AV 1st year
  • Gabriele Garavaglia (IT) MA-AV 1st year

2015 residents

Residency awarded to:

  • Linda Voorwinde (NL) MA-AV 2nd year (graduate)
  • Francesco Cagnin (IT) MA-AV 1st year
  • Francesco Nardozzi (IT) MA-AV 1st year

2014 residents

Residency awarded to:

  • Julien Berberat (CH) MA-AV 2nd year (graduate)
  • Julien Gremaud (CH) MA-AV 1st year
  • Emanuele Marcuccio (IT) MA-AV 1st year