Discover the different events related to EXECAL that have been taking place since 2019.

EXECAL Meeting #2 (22.03.2022) - Enabled by Design : Fabien Roy, Pierre Benoit, Joëlle Aeschlimann

After a first edition at the end of February 2020 which was quite successful, the second edition of the EXECAL Meeting took place Tuesday 22 March 2022 at 6.30 pm at the ECAL around the Enabled by Design (EBD) project.

Daphna Glaubert briefly presented the EBD project before handing over to our guests speakers:

  • Fabien Roy (MA-DP 2020)
  • Pierre Benoit (BA-DG 2012)
  • Joëlle Aeschlimann (BA-MID 2012)

The meeting ended around 8pm and was followed by tombola and an aperitif.


Daphna presents the Enabled by Design project


Fabien Roy


Fabien Roy


Pierre Benoit


Pierre Benoit


Joëlle Aeschlimann


Joëlle Aeschlimann


Raphaël Lutz (ECAL alumnus), one of the winners of the lottery




Images: ECAL/Santiago Martinez

Swiss Alumni China 2020

Swiss Alumni China 2020 evening (16 October) onboard a cruise ship in Shanghai at the invitation of swissnex China and the Science Consulate of Switzerland in China, with the attendance of Bernardino Regazzoni, Swiss Ambassador to China.

Participation of Jean-Philippe Bonzon, Maxence Loisson de Guinaumont, Weijie Wang, Mugi Yamamoto (ECAL alumni) in a friendly atmosphere.

Swiss Alumni China 2020.jpg
Swiss Alumni China 2020 Shanghai 4.jpgFrom left to right: Felix Moesner (CEO swissnex China), Jean-Philippe Bonzon, [person waiting to be identified], Mugi Yamamoto, Wejie Wang, Manuel Ailinger (the only ZHDK alumnus invited to join the ECAL alumni), Maxence Loisson de Guinaumont.

Swiss Alumni China 2020 Shanghai 1.jpg
Swiss Alumni China 2020 Shanghai 2.jpg
Swiss Alumni China 2020 Shanghai 3.jpg
Photos : swissnex China + Mugi Yamamoto

EXECAL Meeting #1 (27.02.2020) - Léa Pereyre, Hugo Hoppmann


Thursday 27 February 2020

at ECAL (IKEA Auditorium)

Presentations by guests in English. Free entrance.

6 - 8 pm : presentations, lottery

from 8 pm : aperitif

Léa PEREYRE (ECAL graduate, Bachelor Industrial Design 2015)

currently drone costume designer at Verity Studios in Zurich.

Hugo HOPPMANN (ECAL graduate, Bachelor Graphic design, 2011)

graphic designer and art director between Berlin et NYC, for clients including Nike, 032c, Prada, District Vision.


Léa Pereyre & Hugo Hoppmann

Meeting Ex_ECAL_img_Julie Corday_03.jpg

Léa Pereyre


Léa Pereyre


Léa Pereyre


Hugo Hoppmann


Hugo Hoppmann

Meeting Ex_ECAL_img_Julie Corday_09.jpg

Hugo Hoppmann

Meeting Ex_ECAL_img_Julie Corday_11.jpg

Yoo-Mi Steffen (EXECAL Secretary), Léa Pereyre, Hugo Hoppmann, Catherine Othenin-Girard (EXECAL President)

Meeting Ex_ECAL_img_Julie Corday_16.jpg


Photos: ECAL/Jimmy Rachez + Julie Corday

EXECAL x La Becque Residency 2019 - Thomas Grogan

Piqûre-Lunaire by Thomas Grogan⁠⠀

15.11.2019 | 6.30pm - 10pm⁠

La Becque (La Tour-de-Peilz)

Thomas presented his work produced during his residency at La Becque in September 2019.

The event included a presentation of his research, a tasting of Lavaux wines and a virtual reality art installation.⁠⠀


"Piqûre-Lunaire" is an immersive video work that projects itself into an empirical landscape, drawn by a geological, cosmological, pastoral and literary history. It plays on the plurality of conscious elements, human and other, that contribute to this environmental architecture.⁠⠀

Photos: La Becque

Thomas Grogan 1.jpg

Thomas Grogan 2.jpg

Thomas Grogan 3.jpg

Thomas Grogan 4.jpg

Thomas Grogan 5.jpg

EXECAL x La Becque Residency 2019 - Iris Andreadis & Pauline Lemberger

Iris Andreadis and Pauline Lemberger organized a wonderful "Souper Solaire" in the garden on August 31, 2019.

They spent a month at La Becque exploring different solar cooking techniques, travelling throughout Suisse romande to meet local producers, fishermen, gardeners and food specialists.

Photos: La Becque

La Becque Iris Pauline 1.jpg

La Becque Iris Pauline 2.jpg

La Becque Iris Pauline 0.jpg

La Becque Iris Pauline 3.jpg

La Becque Iris Pauline 4.jpg

La Becque Iris Pauline 5.jpg

La Becque Iris Pauline 6.jpg

La Becque Iris Pauline 7.jpg

La Becque Iris Pauline 8.jpg